Tuesday, 5 April 2016

How to become IAS/IPS/IFS without Coaching?

How to become IAS/IPS/IFS without Coaching?" 

How to pass a civil service exam without attending coaching classes. This question has become important and relevant for large number of students. It is because number of aspirants appearing for civil service exam form from small towns and rural places has gone up. Also large number of aspirants are working professionals working in IT companies/ engineering companies.

 Coaching classes no doubt can really assist candidate. But it is home driven truth that with good effort of his own anybody can succed in the exam.  There are so many coaching classes and  all of them  claim to offer a perfect solution and  key to the success in the exam 

And their fees, ofcourse are exorbitant beyond means of   most of the aspirants. 
in this context there have been several options that have been offered. There are many websites online and offline they offer audio and video tutorials. Most video tutorials are basically class room video  lectures (Both in Hindi and English) 

 But only few  of them appear to be good. If there are  video lectures, they  can be heard and watched while travelling in bus, trainor in  own room at the convenience of the student.

 I think that is the biggest advantage these audio and video tutorials offer to students. video tutorials could serve a purpose of a comprehensive study material for a student. Same time,  one thing is for sure - 90% of successful students make their studies, based on ones understanding of   subject and the issues.

 Such an understanding of the  subject comes   from intense observations and watching good video tutorials, that is incase a student is dependent on such study materials. Here one thing is sure -  the video tutorials do have   have an edge over the reading study material. Because,the text study materials, reading could be an exhaustive and uncertain method of study for many students.Whereas, Audio and Video tutorials would leave good Impressions and mind tends to register the   important points because of accampanying   images,highlights and  statistics and Audio Notes.

To conclude, Audio and Video Study materials are Best bet for aspirants who can not attend coaching classes - because of time constraints, unaffordable fees or inaccessibility of reputed coaching classes in small towns.Possibly, the best advantage could be that Audio Video study material can offer easy, comfortable and pleasant study experience.

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